SPA´s philosophy: TOGETHER IN MOTIONbuilding

  • The customer is our dedication
  • We work together with our customer, so WE move as THEY do
  • The employees are our force
  • A friendly working environment and good human interrelationship helps our customers and us
  • We want to provide only high tech solutions, no "partial solutions"
  • We invest 20% up into research and development


The Company SPA

  • Founded 1989 by 3 former KLA employees
  • 15 full time software engineers
  • several part-time employees
  • several consultants
  • Activities:cert
    • Software for Semiconductor Industry
    • Machine data acquisition
    • Consulting


SPA milestones

1989: May: foundation with 3 engineers
1989 - 1992: Continued development of Software for the KLA1007 (machine control)
1992: acquisition of BOSCH Reutlingen as customer
1993: development Network controller for various Wafer probers (PCU)
several projects at MOTOROLA and INTERMETALL
1994: Integration of 20 Machines in existing network for TEXAS INSTRUMENTS
Several Projects for Machine data acquisition at ANNAWERK, BEIERSDORF (Greece)
1995: Fully functional "SPA networked" Probe floor in BOSCH
Several special projects at local customers
1996: February: hire 1 secretary and 1 engineer
May: move to new facility in Untersiemau
July: acquisition of SIEMENS Villach
1997: February: hire 1 engineer
June: Fully functional „paperless probefloor" SIEMENS Villach
Design of WQL concept
Development of WQL server and clients
1998: February: hire 1 engineer
February: Contract with OLYMPUS for AL1000 software development
Agreement with SIEMENS corporate for „WQL" networked 6 inch cluster (3 plants)
Cooperation with SemiScan in USA
1999: February: hire 1 engineer
Continuous Hiring of additional people
Strengthen Machine Vision expertise
2002: Move to new Facility in Coburg Seifartshofstraße
Introduce VIP Inspection machine for MEMS Products
2004: Overtake System and Wafermapping based Products for European market from Olympus
2005: Launch SPA Inker Product
2006: Exhibit at Semicon Europa 2006
2007: Exhibit at Semicon Europa 2007
2008: Beginning of collaboration with NXP for the MSO development
2009: 20 years SPA celebration with our customers and partners
2011: Speaker contribution at IS-Test and SouthWestTest Workshop about MSO
2012: Repeated sponsoring of German scholarships
2013: Expansion of our worldwide customer base and 7th employee receives 10year tribute for working at SPA
Introduced WS200 automatic wafer scale for coating thickness measurement
2014: 25 years SPA celebration with our employees
2015: Introduced MI300FTL automatic 2D and 3D inspection machine for sawing and scrubmark measurements
2016: Patent application for EBIS
2017: Speaker contribution at SouthWestTest Workshop 2017 about MSO, together with the German probecard vendor FEINMETALL.
Exhibit at Semicon Europa 2017
2018: PVA TePla AG Acquires Renowned Software Company SPA Software Entwicklungs GmbH




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