Automatic optical inspection of wafer surfaces and sawing streets in 2D and 3D




  • VCP USER Interface allows a fast setup creation for automation
  • Open and flexible SPA measurement script with modern creation technology
  • Professional map-networking with SPA


MI300FTL Basics

  • Inspection 6" 8" and 12" framed wafer
  • Manual frame loading by hand
  • Fully automatic inspection workflow
  • Measuring equipment validity
  • Active anti-vibration damping table
  • ID reading (via ethernet I/F)
  • Map reading, updating, creating
  • Chip inspection 100% or in sample mode


MI300FTL Options

  • Networks (TSK VEGAnet, EG Sortnet, TEL PN300, SPAwn)
  • 6" and 8" wafers
  • Online/Offline manual review of defect images
  • Open architecture for future add-ons


Inspection Features for sawing

  • Die-to-die distance measurement on top sawing edge
  • Die-to-die distance measurement on bottom sawing edge
  • Sawing edge to chip sealring distance measurement
  • Chip size measurement on top sawing edge
  • Chip size measurement on bottom sawing edge
  • Chip tilt comparison to xy alignment
  • Sawing street profile in 3D with interface to MountainsMap application


Inspection Features for wafer surface

  • Scrubmark distance measurement to pad edge
  • Scrubmark profile in 3D with interface to MountainsMap application
  • Critical Dimension (CD) measurement
  • Pattern offset measurement in stacks (MEMS)
  • Chip variation model


Technical specification

  • High precision highest/lowest point measurement
  • Third dimension resolution: 5 - 50nm (depending on material)
  • Lateral resolution: 0,5 – 8µm/px (depending on used objective lens)
  • Lateral measuring field for 3D: ~250μm (example with 50x objective lens)
  • Miscellaneous other features (please contact us for more information)
  • Customer-specific project developments


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