Semi-automatic microscope inspection of 100-200mm bare wafers



  • VCP User Interface allows a fast setup creation for automation
  • Smart and modular wafer inspection workflow
  • Professional map-networking with SPA


UL2061 Basics

  • BF/DF microscope
  • Automatic loading of 100-150mm or 150-200mm wafers with UL200 autoloader
  • Manual xy table
  • Manual wafer inspection with joystick
  • Manual wafer inspection with chip index stepping
  • Chip inspection 100% or in sample mode (AQL, LTPD)
  • ID Reading integrated within UL200
  • Wafermap reading, updating, creating


UL2061 Options

  • Networks (TSK VEGAnet, EG Sortnet, TEL PC300m SPAwn)
  • Illuminated top/back macro inspection
  • Microscope with remote interface control
  • Laser autofocus
  • Software autofocus
  • Motorized xy table
  • Inspection chuck with 360° wafer rotation
  • Automatic alignment and referencing
  • Forced bin review inspection with reclassification
  • Fail bin inking and inkdot inspection


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