Automatic and safe loading of 100-150mm or 150-200mm bare wafers



  • UL200 User Interface allows a fast setup creation for automation
  • Smart and modular wafer inspection workflow
  • Professional external equipment interfacing with SPA


UL200 Basics

  • Motorized cassette lift
  • Cassette mapping with crossslot wafer detection
  • Wafertype-specific and dynamic wafer detection for safe loading from cassette
  • Automatic loading of 100-150mm or 150-200mm wafers with UL200 autoloader
  • On-the-fly prealignment of wafer position on macro table
  • Single and multi wafer handling to xy table
  • Docking compatibility for manual or automatic xy tables
  • ID Reading integrated within UL200


UL200 Options

  • Illuminated top/back macro inspection
  • Remote interface for external control (e.g. via VCP)
  • Flat/notch alignment sensors for transparent wafers
  • TAIKO and thin wafer handling


UL200 Technical specification

  • Wafer size: 4"/6" or 6"/8"
  • Glasswafer and thickwafer handling: up to 4mm
  • Thinwafer and TAIKO-wafer handling: down to 150μm/4mm bow
  • Handling speed: up to 25 wafer in 4min
  • Top- and back macro inspection: 125° back tilt
  • Built-in BC/OCR reader
  • Miscellaneous other features (please contact us for more information)


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