Automatic precision weighing of 100, 150 or 200mm bare wafers for lamination thickness verification in the frontend coating process



  • VCP User Interface allows a fast setup creation for automation
  • Open and flexible SPA software control of the entire hardware
  • Professional SECS/GEM-interfacing with SPA


WS200 Basics

  • High precision wafer scale
  • Automatic loading of 150mm or 200mm wafers with UL200 autoloader technology
  • Integrated slots for two reference wafers
  • Vacuum free handling
  • Ionisation system
  • Airflow decoupling
  • Active anti-vibration damping table
  • ID reading integrated within UL200


WS200 Options

  • TAIKO and thin wafer handling
  • ID reading on wafer backside


WS200 Technical specification

  • Reading precision: 0,1mg
  • Repeatability: 0,08mg
  • Maximum load: 120g
  • Minimum load: 240mg
  • Scale settling time: 0,8s
  • Measurements: max 92/sec
  • Other scale modules possible on request


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